Stable Diffusion & Midjourney AICG Createive


/imagine prompt: colorfull crystall cave inside the mountain. Waterfalls are falling in, sunbeams are touching the water and crystals and reflct the light, moss plants and gorgeous flora –ar 16:9 –niji 5

a photograph of a railway track in motion, in the style of futuristic architecture, Chromed metal, colorful curves, associated press photo, aluminum, rounded –ar 16:9 – (fast)

/imagine prompt: summer A young man rides a bicycle by the seaside in summer, gazing at the distant ocean The background is a mountain road by the seaside macro perspective, in the style of traditional chinese landscape colorful animation stills, organic realism, calligraphy-inspired, fantasy,Summer Indigo, bright background, distant view,blankspace on top of frame flat illustration –style raw –s 180 –ar 16:9

/imagine prompt: girl with a ponytail, very angry, Hands holding samurai sword, looking directly into thecamera, exaggerated action,sense of youth, full body, strong backlight, Otomo Katsuhiro,Akira style,minimalist background,High Sampling, high pixel count, AAA, epic detail, cinematic lighting,hyper texture, 32K UHD, photo-real anime, sharp focus. –ar 16:9 –niji 5 –style cute

/imagine prompt: street, night, rain , water , pause fest, opening title , cyber, beauteful –ar 16:9 –niji 5

/imagine prompt: clear style, high-end web design illustration, universe illustration beautiful creative design, minimalistic style, white ice blue navy blue orange, insane clarity and focus, detailed and simple, solid white background, full frame, dark –ar 16:9 –niji 5